Property management


Our clients are always at the focus of our attentions in order to advise them reliably and responsibly; this has enabled us to establish relationships built on mutual trust.


  • Consulting of clients in all real estate matters to increase values of properties:
  • Representing clients at authorities
  • Processing written correspondence with house-owners, apartment-owners and tenants.
  • Holding tenant and property-owner meetings
  • Advising clients in all tenancy and legal real estate matters.
  • Protecting client interests in all legal insurance matters, including the conclusion of insurance contracts and claim settlements.
  • Handover and return of properties


  • Management of fiduciary funds on separate accounts
  • Setting residential contributions and rents on behalf of the client
  • Annual statement of running and operational costs
  • Administration of tenancy agreement, including monitoring of rent indexing
  • Dunning process
  • Representation of house- and apartment-owner associations in dealing with financial authorities
  • Legal assessment of all tenancy legal issues as well as all tax-related issues
  • Consulting of clients regarding decision-making processes before lawsuits, and action against any tenants and property owners in default.


  • Periodical property inspections
  • Recording identified defects and implementation of necessary measures to remove defects
  • Receiving incident reports and initiating troubleshooting
  • Processing, collection of proposals and monitoring of property maintenance or necessary repairs.
  • Processing, initiation and documentation of necessary measures to ensure technical building safety and avoid general dangers, protecting fire safety interests, health and environmental interests as well as burglary protection and protection of external dangers (property safety inspections for residential buildings according to ÖNORM B 1300, including regular checking routines)
  • Comprehensive facility management

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